Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welcome to Bloggers Anonymous!


Like a lot of you, we turned to blogging in a time when life needed a pick-me-up. Hopefully most of you found it. We find this blogging world to be a beautiful thing. There are so many people out there, just like us! In times of need, we support and encourage each other. When we have a question, we often turn to our readers. And I'm sure we've all made at least one connection somewhere in the world we would never expected. Blogging, to us, is wonderful. It's an outlet, a source of friendship, and a creative process that makes our day that much better. 

However, it's not all rainbows and unicorns though. There are those out there who would love to make us feel like we're nothing. But that is NOT what blogging is about! It is about building each other up, celebrating who we are, and sharing our personal stories. 

And that's why Bloggers Anonymous was created. We are dedicated to building up other people. We want to hear all the good things you have to say about other bloggers!

You can submit a "story" or a "note" to us through our form and we will post your kind words about your favorite bloggers. All of your information will be kept completely anonymous putting ALL of the focus on that awesome blogger that you are sharing!

You can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook and spread the good through all social media outlets. Tweet us or post on our Facebook page compliments and shout-outs to some of your favorite bloggers and we will spread them around for you. We want to be able to constantly have positive thoughts and words flowing to one another to combat any negativity that may be thrown our way. 

Thank you to all who have already spread the word about our project and supporting us in this endeavor! We appreciate every single one of your retweets, comments, shout-outs, blog posts, and everything else that has been done to share our blog. The response in the last couple of days has been incredible and we are truly overwhelmed with gratitude for all of your support! 

If you have written a blog post about Bloggers Anonymous (or are planning to do one), we would love it if you linked it up below so we can read it and also you can meet other bloggers. 

Thank you all again for your love and support! And we hope you are all as excited about Bloggers Anonymous as we are! We have lots of fun projects and ideas up our sleeves so we hope you stick around to see what's all in store. 


Another Clean Slate said...

This is such an amazing idea. I will have to get a post written. Kindness always wins!

Shelley said...

Great idea!!

Deidre said...

What a great idea! I'll definitely consider writing a post and will let you know if i do :)

Kelli Diane said...

1. I LOVE this quote
2. This is such an awesome idea! I just discovered this blog and I love it, such a cool thing that you are doing :) I am newly following!


Rachel said...

This is a very exciting project!

Wendy said...

Congrats on the launch!

Kassi Mortensen said...

Love the whole idea of this website!!! Excited to see you get things going!

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